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Delta LP (2016)

by fuguers cove

Wet Meadow 01:06
Wet meadow Gets in your hair C’mon c’mon I hate to stare I’m in love with you (x 3) But who cares for truth Wet meadow Rinse it out of your hair (x 2)
Watch em throw the furniture into the trash (x 4)
Got a map of the world on the back of a girl who is only a slice of what is in store In little ole Denver Gotta a bucket of shivers And a cancerous mass On an overtaxed liver Got a map of the world On the back of a girl And my hands are chapped And our hearts are sapped Where are we going? In this blind September Can we hide our knowing? In the mountain weather
Our last caress Here’s to success The latest scam Our finest mess What in a name? Mrs. Everglade Our sweetest night Miss Marmalade Lemon Marmalade (x 3)
Two Palms 02:07
Two palms leaning against the sun (x 2) Two hearts beating against the drum (x 2) When the wind comes home And we find that we are alone Will we cross our wires? and burn bright with solar desire
drinking rum n cokes gonna watch the boats move slow thorugh the mud on planet earth through the sacred gold of makeshift love swinging to cher put your hands in the air touching your hair as the mountains fall and the gulf tells all we’re kissing the air what’s the word we look for? (x 3)
Light a candle Made of whale Base the enterprise on scandal In the jungle Of our sorrows (x 3) Wish away the future on dead tomorrows
Coral Castle 01:12
At the coral castle Acting like an asshole I said I wanted to go home Away from the thick vines And rinds of mango Takes two to tango But then there was one
Terrible Urchins Operating in the corners Of the swamps and sinks of the Southern Borders Creating anomie and class disorder
Got a one-way ticket Into the thicket Of dead empires And plagiarized texts Text me nothing Text me next (x 2) Text me next The sacrifice of your life Begins with ____
Frost-like 01:45
Cold cold night We sleep it off and wake up fine Or is it all just in my mind
Breathing heavily at seven-eleven Drinking Whiskey sours till the south of heaven Trash Panda (x 3) Digs the cloth Like a sloth at the 7-11
Empty page empty glass What comes through next Is the opposite of insight (x 2) Writer’s block Channel everything we know And find nothing But a bumpkin with pretensions Empty page empty glass What comes through next Is the opposite of insight (x 2)


released June 25, 2016

Words/Music: Justin

Recorded at Pine Cone Studio West in the Girard LIbrary with the Tascam DP-008 EX


all rights reserved



fuguers cove Albuquerque, New Mexico

fuguers cove is communist garage rock. We are always working on their next ten albums.



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