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Evening Redness in the West (2016)

by fuguers cove

On Conquest 01:25
On Conquest See them fly through the air Rawhide The West is open (4x)
Colonel Cactus lead his army into Cochise Stronghold Has one friend and one companion But they don’t see his nose grow He drinks like he knows it He fights to expose its His nose is burnt and his face glows red A life well lived is better off dead He’s my repository
The sun is up and yet I see no sky The zephyr scalds and the well is dry Ants crawl into the eaves and sicken the settlers with their poisoning We promised a tramp that we’d set up camp but we changed our minds The answer to our prayers is the iron road
The skin from scalps is sticky The Judge, with hand on his . . . turns sand to blood as he smiles, spits he tells me It’s the start of your death And you know nothing yet The light’s gone and wretched Curl in a coil, their last rites Howl of squalor now relish your appetities [and the rest of us slouch and bear witness] Execution Museum (x 3)
Master of none Gonna kill my son If the end reveals what the book done told Human heads bought and sold by the lowest bidder
Ox Moscow 01:08
Gibberish and sibboleths The war of which you speak And all the words you seek Fall on Deaf Ears Gotta get a ride to Ox Moscow Gonna get a rise in Ox Moscow (x 5)
Straw Army 01:41
It’s a straw army, oh no They’ve come to get us, put us in I suppose Should we wait right here Go find a cave to hide in Or head on down to Old Mexico A straw army Coming on down the road
Tall lights on the route tonight Neon strobes in the horse stalls Men in greasy suits up against the wall + the wolves are screaming at the moon I suppose the same can be said for those who are dead But who the hell knows?
Stark naked Judge passes camp as he’s making the rounds What he finds is what he’s found Twenty heads with ears to the ground Whoa ooh whoa What’s your velocity? What’s your trajectory? Got a bag of slugs Pinyon viscosity
Can’t eat this vermin Or spoilt little children Gonna go blow Steam in Mexico Where the wind kicks up And hearts beat slow
Glanton spied the mayor’s eyes Left ‘em both there, bound and tied Went back and found his men Gotta really drunk and philosophied There are death squads / Among us Yumas came at the break of dawn Gonna take the ferry down Felt the arrow in his abdomen They built a bonfire on the hill Keep calm and look around Try to spot that mysterious sound Run fast and don’t look back A bibical killing ground
We classify and occupy Enclopedia of Mammals We classify and occupy
Head in a Jar Birds in a Whirl The Crow Who Died On the Window sill See em come on down For the sill of lightning
Vine Deloria 01:11
He called you on the Bering Strait You fool, he crushed it Vine Deloria
Evening Star 01:09
She was tired of being alone in the horse stalls moon for light burned too bright sometimes she mourned then made the call lights and arrogance in the alley where they once met stabbed him in the neck and left the blade She was tired of being alone
A fist in the rectum As the preacher announces he’ll leave your life alone If you believe A reprieve from the men who want me more than they want you In the bar with a bear in a hat and a drunk playing cards with a fool I become you and I drink to that, I drink all of it.
Wolverines 02:26
In a parlor, festooned in red and smoke from garrulous men Thought about the black spots in the short grass with five o’clock shadows and lackidaisical gaits On cold days the place to be for a tick long sated for blood Oh how the sun filled the world with its concentration of stars and the play of the light and heat and how it must feel with sunlight coming on down how it must feel off the thinness of eyelids
Florida 02:09
Not a place to stay Not a diner in town Not a lover around Gonna sit in sand And watch the ocean swells Tortured black summer Gonna watch you drown Not a place to camp Got a bugged up van And a trailer stuck in sand Not a place to hide It’s a made up space Land of guns and mace Erase the wooden stares Tortured black summer Better watch me drown Gotta get outta town
West of West 01:11
West of West etc.
Lost on a playa Our inner desire is to see the sea Don’t speak for me I wanna whore with which carnal lore and whiskey sores Will set me free
Summer of Engines (x 2) Nights so cold
Settlement 02:01
He says that he will never die.


Alien Lanes x Blood Meridian = ___________


released June 25, 2016

Justin: words & music

Recorded at Pine Cone Studio West in the Girard LIbrary with the Tascam DP-008 EX


all rights reserved



fuguers cove Albuquerque, New Mexico

fuguers cove is communist garage rock. We are always working on their next ten albums.



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