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Johnny & Kay EP (2016)

by fuguers cove

Johnny & Kay 02:57
Johnny & K lived in the suburbs till they got away He stole a car, picked her up at White Hen, they were saved They were searching for God They were seeking adventure They were searching for a way Johnny tells K, your grand, you’re the one & we’ve got it made K said to Jon, you better slow down, we’ve still a long way They leave Illinois behind A map line, tears in their eyes And Johnny tells K, I cannot slow down, let’s make our own stakes And K says to Jon, let’s put on the brake, we’ve made a mistake
Milwaukee 01:32
O, Milwaukee So unfair Revolution in the air And the sirens blare Where are you K? Where are you K?
Take my hand Give it up We want it all We’ve had enough Hit the lights Up all night Find our love Fuck our life Fuck the future Bury the past We got each other We’re built to last
Golden Grass 01:47
At the Golden Grass in the middle of the night Said you’re gonna leave me? But I got a keep runnin’ Get ‘em out of my head Come on, come on baby Baby baby baby please Not going out like that
They’re coming up fast and we’re moving too slow There is no place to go, Jon And the suns goin’ down We’ve run of road, when push comes to shove we’ve run out of luck we’ve run out of love We’re runnin’ on empty Gotta keep runnin’ But we’re runnin’ on empty Gotta keep runnin’ Runnin’ on empty We gotta keep runnin’ Runnin’ on empty We gotta keep runnin’ Jon started the car, leaves K behind As the cops move in flashing lights on the motel sign We’re runnin’ on empty We’re runnin’ on empty We gotta keep runnin’ Runnin’ on empty We gotta keep runnin’ We gotta keep runnin’ Runnin’ on empty
Now Jon is gone And the life to which we held on Hold my head and cry in this motel room, alone Heaven, remake me Please don’t forsake me Never mistake me for someone else Policeman at the door This is the end of the road Heaven, remake me Please don’t forsake me Never mistake me for someone else


Story of Johnny Redbird and Kay McKeena

1. They steal a car and leave the Chicago suburbs in search of God and adventure.
2. In Milwaukee, a police officer assaults Kay for wheatpasting revolutionary flyers on the old brick walls. Johnny kills the officer with a tire iron.
3. They flee to Minnesota; they feel invincible.
4. In Iowa, they hole up at the Golden Grass Motel. Guilt nags at them. Kay wants to turn herself in. Johnny wants to keep running. He steals another car and persuades Kay to keep going.
5. They make it as far as Scottsbluff, Nebraska. There, Johnny is haunted by his actions. He no longer trusts Kay. She is in the shower when he flees. Unbeknownst to him, Kay has already called the cops. The cops pull in as Johnny pulls out. High speed chase. Car flips. Johnny dies.
6. In the motel room, Kay, in her pale rose nightie, sits on the bed and cries. The police haul her away.


released January 9, 2016

Justin: words & music

Recorded at Pine Cone Studio West in the Girard LIbrary with the Tascam DP-008 EX


all rights reserved



fuguers cove Albuquerque, New Mexico

fuguers cove is communist garage rock. We are always working on their next ten albums.



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