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PERFORMS The Burning Silo's "Thrash Wizzaards" LP (2020)

by fuguers cove

Wolf Blitz 01:31
Wolf blitz Anarchist Wolf blitz Wolf blitz Black metal riffs Red & black politics Off the backs of the rich Take fire to their homes Take fire to their domes Secure a safe space For the lowest of the low
Ghosts 00:52
They come out When our hearts hurt Our hard days drag Drag us down Our hard ways catch catch us distracted Ghosts Ghosts emerge For our vulnerable hearts
Worms 01:31
Worms They creep Out of the dark Terrorize Antagonize Worms do their work When you sleep in safely Worms slink about And destroy your safety Dig em out Close their holes Dig em out Close their holes Dig em out Close their holes Dig em out Shovel back their progress Worms They wriggle Out of the dark The plant themselves In your consciousness Whisper atrocities Dig em out Close their holes Dig em out Shovel back their progress Worms Worms
Acid Pogo 00:28
Acid pogo
Edge of Town 01:09
The Silos at the edge of town Got wolfish grins and devilish frowns They watch and wait for the slippery slope Got an anarchist flag and a lotof rope Your dinosaur politics Gonna get smashed down Slit your oil neck On the edge of town Your dinosaur politics Gonna get smashed down
4/4 02:09
Four Four Fall on the floor Move so fast You miss the door The winds of change Don't blow thru here The winds of change Don't matter here Headroom glow Take it slow Headroom eyes Are your surprise You take in And we forget To know what Made us War Four Four War3 Our oil is gone Our water is gone The world ain't right A world in blight
Burnt Grind 00:52
We Are The burning silos We churn Burnt grind We hate Your life We want To fight
We can't wait For the plates to shift Our perfect future Don't exist Resistance is existence Revolution is persistence Total collapse Why wait for it?
Trash Fire 00:23
Dumpster charmer In the Burger Hut barn Got a meat head mouth And a bucket of harm You know it's coming You throw it showing Watch your step Ain't no seconds left
Smash a glass on your fascist ass Street corner riot Cops come down and side with our foes Street corner riot You know that's how it goes In the white power states of America You know that's how it goes
Suck Off 01:26
Hey Nazis Suck off Hey Nazis Suck off You come to town Like renegades You think your boots Will get you laid Holocaust views And aftershave You're eighteight Inches from the grave
Two-Track 01:10
Our trailer is backed Into a dusty two track Got a cactus garden And a gun on the rack We are electric sex We are fiesty vets Of the underground We've got anarchist specs We got some goldenrod We got some sunflower We got a two track into The middle of the desert Don't forget we're out here Waiting for the all clear Waiting for your fear to build To clear a space to reemerge To slash you with our power chords To smash our racist overlords
Have you heard of the Burning Silos???
City Lights 01:10
Dust up in the trash lot Under the city lights Ain't none shinin tonight Got a alt right punk Trying racist shit Gonna pay the price Eternal vigilance Dust up in the trash lot


Have you heard of The Burning Silos?

They're a fictional quintet of world weary helliions who wear their battle jackets with pride.

Broke and drunk and vicious, they moved into a dilapidated shed in Albuquerque's violence plagued War Zone and, with stolen equipment, turned the amps to 6. There, they churn burnt out Neil Young filtered through Jesus Lizard and Slayer.

They likely won't live along enough to finish their second album of stolen material, but this--their first album--will be ready by May Day 2020.

This is #2 in the fuguers cove PERFORMS series, following fuguers cove PERFORMS The Marshmen's "Get Slant, Fucker," which came out in July 2018, and fuguers cove PERFORMS The Marshmen's "Capitalism is a Virus," which came out in April 2020.


released April 15, 2020

Justin: all words, music, vocals, instruments

Thx to:

The Burning Silos
The trailer
The shed
The Scotch Blackouts
Albuquerque Power and Light
Duct Tape
Sub-Royale Spiced Rum


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fuguers cove Albuquerque, New Mexico

fuguers cove is communist garage rock. We are always working on their next ten albums.



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