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tourniquet dreamz ep

by fuguers cove

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out back in this stolen country is the runner up to our drinking shack staged like broke wood & bloodied pistons I woke up at 4 AM and poured a whiskey to pretend it was still night He will think of the woman he loves lost in the misted anise hills. And I won’t be there and sister won’t be there and the black haired Greek woman who tells him to leave his pants on the porch because they reek of turpentine won’t be there either. Everyone spends their life dying in parking lots.
i hid in the golden gate with a stack of words & a fountain of birds filled with black ink songs about killing songs about doves songs about crooks and the books that they love i got tied up, wised up & fried by the light by the crying jags of time where we slept in the weeds wrote a river of trout that clotted the violence of men wrote a season of hymns from the sorrows we hide in our head
Blinded by desert dust and the heat and weed. Late nights in Tucson before the crossing. We order beers and drink them here with salt and lime until the darkness disappears Lick my face: salt Lick my flip-flops Soft lull of dawn I sing this song with windows open to the lilt of mockingbirds.
Shallows 08:17
you act like you're drowning but we're in the shallows the sound of the school bell is no call for the gallows i bet my hand and won in the summer of the train the forest flames licking the pine and barbacoa men taking time in swamp-dry caves to get their flavors right i bet my hand and lost in the spring of hanging birds and broken bikes along the street where we fought to see a world so worth the fight
The ghost settles in the salt grass. I see the ghost and, for once, the ghost sees me. Early July, and I have been swimming. The air is warm, but the water is not. The water is prickled coolness. I open my eyes beneath the surface. I think of my father, his ashes. I think of my mother's green teeth. I see the ghost. The ghost sees me. I lost too much. I ache and . . . To the surface, I take blue air. The wind flits over skin. I see the ghost. The ghost sees me. I lost too much. I ache and creak. Out here on the flats the alkaline dust kicks. Hardened hills reflect still water.
Epic Winters 07:15
There's no love like the love I have For someone other than you Do you know of Canadian grove Or the turmoil that's come into view? Liars say that it's difficult to pay back But I'm no fool to believe All the ships, all the sailors in the port They have a another thing coming, have another thing comin' I've got epic winters spoiled splinters Soiled tears Someone told me that you hold me But it's only in my fears Epic winters in my head Is there a price to pay For my ambivalence? When the walrus does its tricks I domesticate the world And the soldiers who deny it Have a hard time getting by it The extremes of re-creation The choice cut, the unmowed lawn Epic winters in my head
Summer was a psychic blast till autumn drew her fangs Winter came all white like diamonds in a glitter range Through all the losses we've known Through all the cuts we've sewn April washed off dust and kicked it toward the moon Dusted off our shades at night and gazed upon the stars at noon Safety Hawk at the Miranda From the 608, to the 520, to the 928, to the 520 From the 305, to the 505, to the 666, to the 999 We started first we meant to last and put it to a song And now we know the love we had we knew it all along Safety Hawk at the Miranda


released March 20, 2022


all rights reserved



fuguers cove Albuquerque, New Mexico

fuguers cove is communist garage rock. We are always working on their next ten albums.



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