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PERFORMS The Marshmen's "Capitalism is a Virus" EP (2020)

by fuguers cove

Set up a tent on Horicon's edge Listen to the nightjar jar Drinking Leinie's Red And Red Army White The moon is red But the stars are white & my friends are dead All of my friends Come to an end In this valley of bones In this valley of dread The Wehrmacht's gone The Nazi are dead But we'll still still here But we'll still feared
Raise your flag Feed your fear There's only us There's only us you know the time is near Our time is short The time is now Riot streets And blood upon the plow You can't expect the world to change us now You can't expect to change the world without
Hockey Fight 02:46
Got some alt right punks Living here in town Spraying swaztikas Wearing the color brown We're gonna find em We're gonna fight em Fuck these fascists Drive em outta town See em spraying shit Behind the Festival With their MAGA hats With their Iron Cross With their Blackjack boots With their Adolph cuts With their backward views We're gonna find em We're gonna fight em Fuck these fascists Drive em outta town Find em tonight Take em out back Find em tonight It's a hockey fight On hockey night
Pond Muck 02:03
Stick kids with your Adolph Wigs Playing dictator like it ain't no thang Deadheads driving blind thru the snow and ice Can't remember how it got to be We have a system based on selfishness and greed It ain't your neighbhor who desgined it all If we want to free ourselves to live free We gotta choose to topple it all They're pond muck They're rotten on down There's a glass wall To break through now
No lyrics
Isolation 03:46
We got our internetz We got our ripple chips We got our Marxist tracts We got our jerky stix We got our can o cheese We got our diet Dew I got my hockey stick I got my love for you I got the tv glow I got my avatar I got Kalashnikov I got Red Army Star I'm getting bored as hell I got a dream to sell I got my love for you I got the Right to quell We got the radio We got our gas masks on We got our loaded guns We got our jerseys on We got our Goldman tracts We got our Molson Ice We got our visors on And we will not think twice And we will not think twice Drinking all night By computer light Reading Frantz Fanon Til I get him right


Have you heard of the Marshmen?

They're a fictional quartet of beer swilling, hockey playing Marxist-Leninists from Horicon, Wisconsin who've put together a rather terrific garage band.

This is #3 in the fuguers cove PERFORMS series, following fuguers cove PERFORMS The Marshmen's "Get Slant, Fucker," which came out in 2018, and fuguers cover PERFORMS The Burning Silo's Thrash Wizzaards, with will be out in Summer 2020.

The Marshmen's second record -- "Capitalism is a Virus" -- as performed by J. Bendell (aka fuguers cove) during THE QUARANTINE-- is the first fuguers cove album written & recorded during a Pandemic. Get ready to punch Nazis behind the House of Pizza.

Here's a breakdown of the songs by the guy (me) who wrote them:

1. Valley of Bones -- A man in Horizon nostalgizes about the Red Army, remembers all the friends he lost, celebrates the Nazi defeat in WWII, and reminds that the communist cause is not yet dead & that the Red Army may rise once again

2. Blood on the Plow -- I steal a line from JCM to encourage folks to take to the streets and make the change they want to see in the world.

3. Hockey Fight -- A bunch of alt right punks promoting fascism get the shit beat of of them behind the Festival Grocery by a bunch of anti-fascists who are disappointed that Hockey Night is cancelled due to #coronavirus

4. Pond Muck -- Proselytizing about the anti-human nature of capitalism and how it wears us down. Also: the importance of Kropotkinist mutual aid as our ticket out of a system of "injustice & greed." Also: insulting fascists.

5. No lyrics. Just a quick song for the kids to mosh and pogo

6. Isolation -- #coronavirus + the problems with toxic internet culture + utilizing the internet to promote radical and progressive social change + the importance of reading Frantz Fanon


released April 1, 2020


all rights reserved



fuguers cove Albuquerque, New Mexico

fuguers cove is communist garage rock. We are always working on their next ten albums.



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